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Save money with the push of a button

April 2, 2011

Do you drive your car for work?  Charity?  Doctor visits?  Moving?

Did you know you can deduct mileage costs on your taxes?  But you can only do so if you track the mileage for each trip.

SimpleMile makes that tracking, well… simple!

Push a button to start. Push a button to stop. Export a log of your trips with ACTUAL miles driven.  SimpleMile uses your phone’s GPS to track the actual distance you travel.  No more estimating.  No more using browser-based maps to calculate mileage.  Push a few buttons and you’re done!  CLICK HERE to download SimpleMile.

Other apps don’t have GPS functionality – they require you to input odometer readings or input start/stop locations so they can calculate your distance traveled.  SimpleMile uses ACTUAL GPS readings in REAL TIME to the 1/100th of a mile to give you a TRUE calculation of your mileage!

Download SimpleMile NOW for AndroidYour first 50 trips are free.

You’ll get full functionality that enables you to:

  • Track mileage with start, stop, and pause functions
  • Assign contact names to each trip to track the purpose of that trip
  • Export your mileage log to Excel for tax reporting or expense reimbursement purposes

After you see how simple it is to use, it’s only $4.99 $2.49 to buy the app.  It pays for itself after you’ve driven only a few miles!  This discounted price won’t be available forever.  This is a no-brainer purchase.

In 2010, the mileage tax deduction was worth UP TO 50 CENTS PER MILE DRIVEN! If you drove 4,000 miles for business purposes, that would be a $2,000 TAX DEDUCTION!* What would you do with an extra wad of cash in your pocket?


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